As we continue to monitor the

COVID-19 situation, the Tar Heel Leagues has cancelled it's 2020 District and State Tournaments.

In talking with various county health officials throughout the state and with the possibility that the Governor's Stay at Home order will be extended into May, leagues would have to abbreviate their seasons in order to prepare for district and state all-star play.  As Tar Heel Leagues is a grass roots organization, we feel it is more important for leagues to facilitate play for all of their participants for a full season whenever it becomes safe and feasible to play.  Tar Heel Leagues will continue it's commitment to helping with that effort.

Although no one wants to cancel any event of this magnitude and importance to those that participate, Tar Heel Leagues feels this is in the best interest of our communities and State in continuing the effort to keep everyone safe and healty.  We will get through this together and build stronger communities because of it.

Tar Heel Leagues will continue their scholarship program for the 2020 year and applications are still being accepted through May 15th.

Stay Safe and Stay Strong!